Wolcome to the british shorthair cattery in Cracow Krabrika*PL.

"Attention, convesation, caress and love from man's side is for cat the top of happiness; and for men nothing can be more flattering than attachment of the creature so much independent." - Eugen Skasa - Weiss

Krabrika is registered in the Cats Lovers Association in Zory (SMK Zory) under the auspices of Felis Polonia (FPL), who is a member of an international organization Federation Internationale Feline (FIFE). Our British Shorthair breeding was created with total affection, this breed of cats. Launched by the great individualist Ciri kitten with beautiful huge amber eyes. Then, joined us blue tortie Hana with "small, stuped teddy bear." temperament. Sometimes I wonder if during her thoughts will not be built next to a small hole ... Complementing our feline family is colorpoint Fiona.
Delicate and most charming cat. You can fall in love in her blue eyes. Our cats are treated as full-fledged members of the household, surrounded by love, refine, entertained, without bans. I have to admit they are dissolved and the spoiled but not disruptive. They exactly know where is the place to scratch and where the cuvette. We try to give them lots of attention, they are happy, well cared for, under constant veterinary care. What do we have? The mass of the joys and pleasures with such magnificent animals, their confidence produced at every step and everyday murmur lullabies to sleep. Litters in the breeding is contact with the miracle of birth, but this is big responsibility to baby-reaching in the world were confident, well-socialized, taught to love people.

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